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This blog is here to help readers and podcast listeners simply do one thing – discover a more fulfilling life.

The Jesus of the Bible told His followers that He came to give “life and life to the full”. Which of us wouldn’t want more of that? Yet clearly religion isn’t the answer. Although I wouldn’t give ascent to the idea that religion is the cause of all the world troubles, I would certainly agree that it is proving to not be the answer.

If religion, even the Christian one, isn’t the answer to every individual discovering life as it was meant to be, then what is. Jesus also said, “I am the way, the truth and the life” – a bold statement. In essence Jesus was saying that whatever the question or problem – the ultimate solution can be found by knowing Him. “Knowing” someone is very different from buying into a religion. The latter entails being a practitioner of a set of repeated activities; the former involves embracing the personality of a man who was at the same time – God.

This blog and series of podcasts will help you discover the life that Jesus the Christ promises will be full and exciting. Just glance through the posts until you see something that takes your fancy.

Russ Westfield

Senior Pastor

New Life (Scunthorpe)


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